"Shooting Wet"

The Model 2's wipe chambers can be augmented with the use of an ablative agent for further sound reduction. An ablative agent is a grease-like substance that, within a silencer’s chambers, assists in cooling and disrupting the flow of propellant gases resulting in further sound reduction. The process of adding an ablative agent is known as “shooting wet.” 

• Various ablative agent products suitable for use with silencers are commercially available. Petroleum jelly, grease, cable-pulling lubricant and other substances have been found to be effective.

• If a water-based ablative agent is used, be sure to dry the silencer thoroughly after use.

• When placing an ablative agent into the chambers, care should be taken not to overpack the chambers. Do not completely fill the chambers with any ablative agent! Simply smear a small coating of agent along the edge of the chambers, on both sides, leaving the bore area clear for the bullet to pass through. Overpacking the chambers with an ablative agent may result in overpressure and damage to the silencer.

• Only apply ablative agent to the Model 2's front two chambers, not the rearmost chamber (closest to the muzzle) to minimize "goo" oozing back into the pistol.




Use a Q-Tip® to apply a thin coating of ablative agent onto the wipes and the wipe chamber(s).