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The Model 2 silencer is a miniature, lightweight sound suppressor featuring a novel wipe design with six urethane wipes. Weighing only 3 ozs. with a 1/2-28 thread pitch, the Model 2 is tiny, about the size of a pill bottle. It's made of aerospace-grade aluminum with Type III hard anodizing with a stainless steel threaded insert for attaching to a barrel. Because the Model 2 is so light, there's no need for a "booster" (Nielsen Device).

The Model 2 suppressor comes with two modules, a main module for shooting and an auxiliary module which holds 12 addional wipes to replace the wipes in the main module once the six wipes have been damaged by repeated shots (about 15 rounds is the service life). Think of it as a "wipe magazine" to reload the main module. Once the main module's wipes are no longer functioning optimally, the non-functioning wipes can be returned to the factory in the "wipe magazine" for repacking with new wipes. One dozen replacement wipes cost $25, including return shipping.

Obviously, subsonic ammuntion is to be used with any 9mm silencer for optimal sound reduction. The Model 2 performs extremely well with Super Vel Ammunition's Hush Puppy® 147 gr. and 158 gr. FMJ loads. Other brands of subsonic ammunition may be used. Standard velocity ammunition does not damage the Model 2, however, the sonic crack of the supersonic projectile will increase the pistol's sound signature.

We caution against using any hollowpoint ammunition in a wipe silencer because the urethane material may cause the hollowpoint to expand and cause an end-cap strike. That said, Super Vel Ammunition's Hush Puppy® Subsonic 115 gr. Solid Copper Hollow Points are safe to shoot through a Model 2. Our Solid Copper Hollow Point is a "hard" bullet and does not expand on contact with urethane wipes. We cannot say that for all brands or types of hollowpoints, so we do not warranty the end-cap for a strike from a hollowpoint.

The six wipes inside the Model 2 are grouped in three slots of two each, with a gap in between the slots. We suggest a squirt of Vasceline or other grease-type material (technically called an "ablative agent"). Please see SHOOTING WET for more information.



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